CONS 608 Seminar in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology (1 - 4 credits) - UMCP
Special topics and current literature in conservation biology and sustainable development.

CONS 670 Conservation Biology (3 credits)
Instructor: K. Gedan
Conservation in the Anthropocene means conserving biodiversity and ecosystem function in the midst of climate change, habitat loss, overexploitation, altered nutrient cycling, and invasive species with protected areas and reserve networks, ecosystem restoration and other biodiversity conservation and management schemes.
Cross-listed as MEES670. Fall semesters. On IVN.

CONS 680 Problem Solving in Conservation/Development (4 credits) - UMCP
Instructor: K. Lips

Students will be exposed to current problems in conservation and development through great lectures, field trips, interviews and appropriate literature. Working in teams, students will formulate recommendations based on a synthesis of biological, economic and policy considerations.