ENME 640 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics (3 credits) - UMCP
Prerequisite: MATH 462 or equivalent or permission of department.
Equations governing the conservation of mass, momentum, vorticity and energy in fluid flows. Low Reynolds number flows. Boundary layers. The equations are illustrated by analyzing a number of simple flows. Emphasis on physical understanding to facilitate the study of advanced topics in fluid mechanics. 

ENME 641 Viscous Flow (3 credits) - UMCP
Prerequisite: ENME 640 or permission of department.
Fluid flows where viscous effects play a significant role. Examples of steady and unsteady flows with exact solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations. Boundary layer theory. Stability of laminar flows and their transition to turbulence. 

ENME 642 Hydrodynamics I (3 credits) - UMCP
Prerequisite: ENME 640 or permission of department
Exposition of classical and current methods used in analysis of inviscid, incompressible flows.