The MEES Program would like to thank the following individuals for their generous contributions and support of the success of the our students. 

Private Contributors:

Dr. Janet Wilson Hartley (UMCP Micro '49)
Dr. Robert E. Menzer (MEES Program Founder)
Mrs. Billie Lee Wells (UMCP '74)

Alumni Contributors:

Mr. Tyler Abbott (MEES MS '95)
Dr. Marilyn Ailes (MEES MS '92, PhD '96)
Mr. Raymond Beiner (MEES MS '83)
Dr. Deborah Bronk (MEES PhD '92)
Dr. Jason Caplan (MEES MS '82, PhD '84)
Mr. Michael Jepson (MEES MS '88)
Mi Ae Kim (MEES MS '95)
Dr. Michael Lomas (ECOL PhD '99)
Dr. Lisa Ruth (ENVSCI PhD '04)