Who We Are
All students working toward an M.S. or Ph.D. in the Marine, Estuarine and Environmental Science (MEES) graduate program are members of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO), as well as faculty and administration who chose to take part. 

Purpose of the MEES GSO
Serve as the legitimate voice of the MEES student body, and to direct student input on issues concerning the MEES program to the appropriate administrative levels; provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, concerns and information among graduate students and between students and faculty with the hope of establishing a comfortable producive academic environment. 

Goals of the MEES GSO
1) Explore ways by which the MEES Program can become stronger and more cohesive as a program, through curriculum requirements, course offerings and inter-campus relations.
2) Improve communication among graduate students, faculty and administration; become directly involved with the committees and groups affecting the MEES Program (i.e. the MEES Program committee, the UMCES graduate faculty committee and the MEES program office).
3) Offer skill development in areas that will benefit the academic and professional careers of graduate students.
4) Provide an informal area where proposals, talks and research ideas may be presented, discussed and critiqued; discuss current research topics in diverse biological fields.
5) Provide new student orientation. 

GSO Activities
- Organization and sponsorship of a skill development seminar/workshop series on various topics designed to help graduates further their professional careers
- Organization and sponsorship of annual poster sessions and oral presentations where graduate students present their current research at the MEES Colloquium
- Sponsorship of graduate student travel awards designed to help supplement registration and travel costs for graduate students to present their research at scientific meetings
- Sponsorship of social events to increase camaraderie among graduate students 

Contact the MEES GSO
You can reach your GSO representatives via email (gso-reps@umd.edu).  When contacting your GSO Rep, please be sure to include your campus location!