1. When applying do I need to submit one application at each campus?

No. When you apply, your application will be considered at all campuses but only one application is necessary.  Please apply to the campus at which your potential advisor is based.  

2. Can I apply to more than one Foundation?

No.  When applying you must specify which Foundation you would like to be considered for evaluation.  Please be sure to select your chosen Foundation within the online application or identify it within your personal statement.. For more information on the different Foundations, click here. 

3. Do I need to secure an advisor before I apply to the program?

No. You do not need to secure an advisor prior to applying to the MEES program, but we strongly recommend that you do.  In order for you to be admitted to the program an advisor must be identified and he/she must have confirmed with the MEES program that they have agreed to work with you before a formal acceptance can be processed.  It is strongly recommended that you contact potential advisors in advance. Please see our faculty directory for a list of potential advisors. Keep in mind it is the student's responsibility to secure an advisor.  You can use the email addresses listed in the faculty directory to contact potential advisors. 

4. I have not located an advisor yet, which campus do I apply to?

In the event that you have not located an advisor at the time of application but are still interested in applying to the MEES Program, please submit your application to the Graduate School at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Arrangements can be made at a later date to transfer your application and matriculation to a different campus should that be necessary. 

5. I do not have a M.S. degree, but I am interested in applying for the Ph.D. program. Is that possible?

MEES does not require that Ph.D. applicants already have a M.S. degree in order to apply for the doctoral program.  However, please note that acceptance might only be granted at the M.S. level initially with the potential to change degree tracks depending on your performance in the program.   

6. Where do I send my application materials?

The MEES Office does not accept any application materials.  Please submit all application materials to the appropriate application website/Graduate School at the campus you are applying to. If you are an international student, please submit all application materials to the Graduate School at UMCP - arrangements can be made internally after admission to have your materials transferred to the appropriate campus if necessary. 

7. How do I determine if I am eligible to apply to the MEES Program?

To determine eligibility, please review the criteria listed under our How to Apply Section of the website.  Both domestic and international applicants are eligible to apply but must meet the minimal criteria for admissions.  The MEES program will make a recommendation to the appropriate Graduate School based upon the application and the Graduate School will make the final decision after their review. 

8. I am an international applicant. Do I need to have my transcripts evaluated?

Yes. International transcripts must be evaluated prior to acceptance.  Please be aware that the Graduate School at UMCP does this internally and therefore WES evaluations are not required.  Transcripts in any language other than English must include an formal English translation. If you have additional questions, please contact the the Graduate School at College Park. 

9. Do I have to submit GRE scores?

The MEES Program no longer require students to submit scores. Students who have taken the GRE and would like to have their scores included in their application may choose to submit them.  GRE scores are not considered as a criteria for admission into the program. GRE scores that are submitted are made available to potential faculty advisors.

10. I already have a M.S. degree and am applying for the Ph.D. Do I still need GRE scores?

No. The GRE's are no longer required by the program. Students who have taken the GRE and would like to have their scores included in their application may choose to submit them.

11. Do I need to take the TOFEL and IEFLTS exam?

The TOFEL or IELTS exam is required for all applicants for whom English is not the official language of instruction of the institution where they received their bachelor's degree.

* UMCP applications only- Exemptions apply to some English- speaking countries. List found here.

12. Is there a minimum TOFEL or IELTS score?

 MEES does not review TOFEL or IELTS scores for a minimum. Please be sure to check with the Graduate School regarding their standards for TOFEL or IELTS exam scores.   

13. Does the MEES program have specific requirements?

The prerequisites for admission into the MEES program change depending upon the Foundation you are interested in. Please see the appropriate section for the Foundation you are applying to for a list of appropriate prerequisites.  The Foundation section of the website, can be found by CLICKING HERE. 

14. Do all prerequisites need to be completed prior to applying?

No.  It is expected that any student who applies with outstanding prerequisites will have completed those outstanding courses to satisfaction prior to OR during the first year of entering the program. 

15. When are the deadlines for admission?

Please see the deadlines section under Admissions 

16. Can I transfer credits into a graduate program?

Students may transfer up to 6 credits from an accredited outside college/university into a masters program. These credits can not have been used to attain a previously awarded degree.  Credits cannot be transferred into a doctoral program, however students in conjunction with their advisory committee may petition the department to have credits waived.   All inclusion or transfer of credit is dependent on department permission and approval of the appropriate Graduate School.  

17. Are there funding opportunities for new students?

Funding is never guaranteed for students.  The best way to receive some financial support is through your advisor should they have some funds available.  Please speak with your advisor regarding different funding opportunities.  

18. What happens once I submit my application?

Once your completed application is submitted, it will be sent out for evaluation which will be conducted by the appropriate Foundation Evaluating Committee.  Your application will be evaluated based upon 6 different criteria: GPA, GRE and/or TOFEL/IEFLTS (if applicable), personal statement, prerequisites and coursework, references, and other relevant background (work experience, research experience, projects/thesis, etc.).  An overall recommendation will be determined based upon the evaluation of each criterion.