Ken Paynter, MEES Director
Univ. of Maryland, College Park
MEES Program Office (301) 405-6938

The MEES Program Committee is comprised of members of each of the Foundation Committees along with select faculty members/institutional representatives. 

Environmental Molecular Science & Technology
Allen Place, UMCES
Colleen Burge, UMBC
Joseph Pitula, UMES

Ecological Systems
David Nelson, UMCES
Bradley Stevens, UMES
Jeremy Testa, UMCES

Earth & Ocean Systems
Cindy Palinkas, UMCES
Johan Schijf, UMCES
Andrew Elmore, UMCES

Environment & Society
Bill Dennison, UMCES
Michael Paolisso, UMCP
Xin Zhang, UMCES

Additional Faculty
Shiladitya DasSarma, UMB Institutional Rep
Ken Paynter, MEES Director
Larry Sanford, UMCES VP for Education
Tom Miller, UMCES, Director of CBL

Additional Support Staff
Sandy Davis, MEES Assistant Director
Tricia Restum, MEES Administrative Assistant
Amy Griffin, UMCES, Assistant to the VP for Education