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The uniqueness and appeal of the Marine, Estruarine and Environmental Sciences Program stems from its interdisciplinary structure. Graduate students have a great deal of flexibility designing their individual study and research programs while maintaining an extensive interactions among the 200 MEES associated faculty. Now entering its fourth decade, the MEES Program is widely regarded as one of the outstanding graduate programs for marine, estruarine, and environmental sciences in the country. Perhaps the most demonstrative indicator of success for the MEES Program at the University of Maryland is the professional venues of our alum.

We are now focusing our efforts on building an indispensable MEES Alumni Community. As it develops, the Community will offer more than 800 MEES alumni the opportunity to become actively involved and closely tied to the life and support of their program. As the alumni network evolves, the community will reconnect alumni with each other and the school. It will also facilitate the recognition of alumni achievements encouraging alumni to be more involved in the success of the MEES Program, through mentoring and career development of the program's current students. If you are interested in volunteering to assist in this effort or would like more information, please send an email to mees@umd.edu


  • To cultivate continuous communication and favorable relationships between the MEES Program and its alumni by giving them an opportunity to keep in touch with peers, donate directly to the program, and become more active in the support of the program
  • To establish events which benefit the Alumni and in turn the MEES Program
  • To enlighten and encourage current students to establish relationships with alumni and vice versa facilitating an interactive MEES community
  • To be a resource for established Alumni members to contact and welcome new graduates to the Alumni Community regarding job/research opportunities.
  • To encourage communication and cooperation between the Alumni Community and the MEES Office fostering stronger bonds throughout the program.