Academic guidance is available to all MEES MS and PhD students through the staff at the MEES Program Office and through an individual's thesis or dissertation committee. The committee members and staff coordinate to provide services such as: admission advising, program counseling, registration support, degree requirements and graduation processing. 

If you have questions about which courses you should take for your degree, please see your Advisor or Committee members for advice.  If you still have questions thereafter, please feel free to contact the MEES Office at that time. 

Guidance by Appointment

Because of the nature of the program, the MEES staff is aware that traditional office appointments are not always possible. Therefore, students have the option of being guided by office appointments, phone appointments (301-405-6938), or via email ( Some topics, however, are best suited to face-to-face discussion

Walk-in Guidance

Appointments are generally recommended, although there is usually someone who is available to answer "quick" questions by phone, walk-in, or email. However, students with appointments are given priority.