How to Become a MEES Faculty Member

Several steps must be taken to become a MEES faculty Member.  If you are interested, please submit the Appointment Request Form (information regarding this is outlined below), email the MEES Office to be added to the Faculty e-mail listserv, and provide MEES with the appropriate "Faculty Directory Blurb" for the website (for ideas, please see the current Faculty Directory)

In order to become a member of the MEES Graduate Program faculty, the MEES Faculty Appointment Request Form must be submitted to the MEES Program Office, along with a current C.V.  You can access the Appointment Request form by submitting it electronically using the link to the left or By printing the form from page 9  of the faculty handbook and submitting it to the MEES Prbgram Office.  In doing so, you are agreeing to the terms stated below. Please contact the MEES office at to be added to the MEES Faculty e-mail listserv.

Faculty Appointment Process and Responsibilities

1. Individuals will be appointed to the MEES Program Graduate Faculty for a five-year term based on:

  • Their interest in participating and approval of their chairperson or director
  • The appropriateness of their areas of research interest and evidence of current research activity and publication
  • Their current appointment to a graduate faculty of an institution within the University System of Maryland
  • A review by the MEES Program Committee, followed by official appointment by the MEES Director.

2.  The benefits available to a MEES faculty member will be:

  • The right to advise MEES students

3. Duties of a MEES faculty member will include

  • Advising, and graduating, one or more MEES students during the faculty member's term
  • Serving on committees for other MEES students as needed
  • Agreeing to serve on MEES Program and AOS committees on a rotating basis. 
  • Teaching at least three graduate credits every other year, or equivalent parts thereof.  This must be either a MEES course, or a MEES-relevant course in a department.  
  • Abiding by the policies of the MEES Program as established by the Program Committee.