NRSC 682 Methods of Plant Science Research (4 credits) - UMCP
The application of biochemical and biophysical methods to problems in biological research with emphasis on plant materials. Two hours of lecture and four hours of laboratory per week.

NRSC 821 Advanced Methods of Soil Investigation (3 credits) - UMCP
Prerequisite: Permission of both department and instructor.
n advanced study of the theory of the chemical methods of soil investigation with emphasis on problems involving application of physical chemistry. 

NRSC 831 Soil Mineralogy (4 credits) - UMCP
Soil minerals, with emphasis on clay minerals, are studied from the viewpoint of soil genesis and physical chemistry. Mineralogical analyses by x-ray and chemical techniques.

NRSC 832 Advanced Soil Physics (3 credits) - UMCP
Prerequisite: AGRO 417 and permission of both department and instructor.
An advanced study of physical properties of soils.