Animal Science

ANSC 453 Animal Welfare and Bioethics (3 credits) - UMCP
Prerequisite: ANSC 101 and ANSC 103 or BSCI 106 or permission of instructor.
Ethical concerns related to the use of animals in modern society. Historical and philosophical overview of animal welfare and bioethics. Applied ethical discussions on human/animal interrelationships, physical and genetic manipulation, and other current issues associated with the treatment of animals used in food production, research, zoos, and as pets. 

ANSC 460 Comparative Vertebrate Immunology (3 credits) - UMCP
Prerequisite: ANSC 212, BSCI 201 or BSCI 440

Basic concepts in immunology, and comparing immunity in different vertebrates, including organization of immune systems, innate and adaptive immune responses. Special attention will be paid to how cell-mediated and humoral immune responses are induced in natural infections, and what are the effector mechanisms in both of these processes. Immune response in representative disease models such as infections with viruses and bacteria, cancer, and autoimmune disease will be discussed.

NSC 617 Quantitative Techniques in Physiology and Nutrition (3 credits) - UMCP
rerequisite: MATH 220 or permission of department
evelopment and evaluation of quantitative techniques to explore mechanisms of physiological and nutritional regulation. Kinetic and dynamic models will be emphasized.

ANSC 627 Molecular and Quantitative Genetics (3 credits) - UMCP
lassical, molecular, and population genetics with specific emphasis on animal systems will be covered. Also, molecular approaches for manipulating genetics at the whole animal level (transgenic and cloning). Other model organisms will be discussed to provide a conceptual framework.