BTEC 650 Applied Biochemistry (3 credits) - UMBC
This course will review the chemistry of living systems, with an emphasis on topics of biotechnological and biomedical interest.

BTEC 651 Molecular and Cell Biology (3 credits) - UMBC
Prerequisite: BTEC 650 or equilvalent course in biochemistry
This course explores the molecular basis of cell structure, organization and function.

BTEC 652 Molecualr Biotechnology (3 credits) - UMBC
Prerequisite: BTEC 651 or consent of instructor
A lecture-, discussion- and project-based course that focuses on the molecular and genetic tools used to analyze and modify genetic material and to modify organisms to produce desires small molecules and proteins.

BTEC 660 Regulatory Issues in Biotechnology (3 credits) - UMBC
This course provides a comprehensive coverage of all steps involved with the regulatory approval process for a biotechnology-derived product.