Climate Change and Mosquito Dynamics GRA Position

A Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) is available to assist in a study on the effect of climate change on the ecological dynamics of mosquito Aides aegypti , the most important vector of urban human disease.  The work explores how changes in temperature and increases in the need for people in developing world cities to store water influence A. aegypti  populations.  The work involves synthesis of a longitudinal dataset on A. aegypti  (adult size, recruitment, spatial patterns, and habitat feature) with remotely sensed bio-physical and climate imagery, and surveys of human water management practices and perceptions toward water insecurity.  The assistantship may result in co-authorship on publication; candidate need not be in Annapolis full time. 

Experience working with databases and GIS required; Experience with statistical and ecological modeling preferred.  The application must be in, or eligible for acceptance into, a University of Maryland Graduate Program.  For more information: see