Citizen Science Coordinator IS 7 - The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Citizen Science Coordinator IS 7 ($42,209 per yr plus benefits)
Non-federal positon
Position open immediately until filled
Equal Opportunity Employer

Based at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), a research institute of the Smithsonian Institution located in Edgewater, MD, approx. 26 miles east of Washington DC and 5 miles south of Annapolis at a modern laboratory and office complex on 2,650 acres of land surrounding the Rhode River subestuary of the Chesapeake Bay. 

The Coordinator will develop and establish Citizen Science program requirements, annual operating budgets and to recruit, train, and manage public participants in environmental research projects.  Duties also include: 

  • Coordination and conduct of onsite and off-site programs for the general public.  Incumbent will conceive, design, implement and evaluate specific outreach programs within the overall framework of the Citizen Science Program, including distance learning programs, demonstrations, and exhibitions for the general public which interpret and communicate current ecological issues and environmental research conducted at SERC.  Serves as the interface with scientific researchers to interpret and coordinate environmental science concepts and methods for non-scientists of various ages and backgrounds.  
  • Assists with conduct of carious environmental science projects to facilitate research conducted by citizen volunteers, interns and students, and teams of scientists and educators.  This include prolonged field work in various ecosystems from urban and agricultural systems to forests, wetlands, and estuaries.  
  • Coordination and organization of workshops and conferences to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize aspects of issues in environmental science.  This include attending workshops, conferences and fairs to disseminate SERC's materials and program information, as well as communicating with carious other organizations.  
  • Coordination of various promotion events and activities, such as tours, lectures, open house, demonstrations & exhibits, designed to increase program visibility and strength as well as to engage, recruit and train participants in Citizen Science and other education or outreach projects.  Assisting the SERC Directorate in assuring that there is adequate funding to support the Citizen Science Program.  This is accomplished by providing assistance in the setting of participant fees and/or in the preparing of grant proposals and fund-raising materials.  Assures that Citizen Science Program projects and goals are closely coordinated and aligned with the Directorate's administrative objectives and strategic plan for public outreach and for scientific research.   

In addition to working closely with the public across a diverse range of ages and socio-economic backgrounds, the position requires working with a team of principal investigators, educators, technicians, undergraduate interns, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and visiting scientists.  

Major projects of environmental science include such diverse topics as: Urban ecology; watershed dynamics, wetlands and water quality; forest ecology; estuarine and fishers ecology; and archeology. 

Desired Qualifications and Experience:  

  • Master's degree in conservation biology and policy, or similar education ad training in environmental sciences, with formal understanding of the principles of environmental sciences, including but are not limited to such areas as biology, chemistry, ecology, aquatic and marine sciences, geology, geography, and anthropology. 
  • Ability to relate to people of diverse backgrounds to promote volunteerism - "a people person."  
  • Experience in techniques of planning, directing, and coordination public outreach programs.  
  • A professional commitment to program development and administration for citizen science.  
  • Knowledge of educational teaching methods and strategies for various age levels.  
  • Working knowledge of computer programs for word processors, data files, email access, and web browsers is necessary . 
  • Skill in English composition and editing of written materials.  
  • Ability to work as a team member.  
  • Demonstrated initiative, independence and responsible maturity.  


Applications should include: (1) cover letter that clearly describes your work experience, education and training as it relates to be desired qualifications and of this announcement; (2) a resume; and (3) photocopy of college transcripts.
Applications should be sent by email to or by postal mail to Citizen Science Coordinator, PO Box 28, 647 Contees Wharf Road, Edgewater, MD 20137-0028 USA.