Two postdocs at USEPA Gulf Ecology Division

US Environmental Protection Agency
Gulf Ecology Divsion
Gulf Breeze, FL

Effects of ocean and coastal acidification on stressor responses in estuarine organisms are reef building corals

Research focuses on determining how changes in coastal water chemistry from ocean acidification and nutrient enrichment influence stressor responses in estuarine organisms and reef building corals under controlled laboratory conditions.  The project will investigate the interactive effects of projected high levels of pC02 and selected land-based stressors on genomic, biochemical, and cellular and organismal level responses in selected species.  The post-doc will develop and utilize exposure and testing systems and various biological response endpoints to determine sensitive species and life stages of estuarine invertebrates, fish and corals.  The post doc will investigate how changes in carbonate chemistry, dissolved oxygen, and other water quality parameters affect calcification and other genomic and cellular responses to allow a mechanistic interpretation of species sensitivity and to facilitate predictive model development.  

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