Lab Prepator Position

Unity College (Maine) seeks a Laboratory Preparator for undergraduate biology labs.  The Lab Preparator supports the preparation for and delivery of instruction throughout the year as needed, as well as greenhouse and wetlands support during academic vacations and summer. Responsible for ordering and maintenance of materials, supplies and equipment for labs; supervision of work-study students to assist with lab preparation; and active communication with lab class faculty. May teach biology or techniques course as time allows. 

For all duties listed, primary responsibility is for labs for courses with BI (biology) rubric; at the direction. If supervisor, secondary emphasis on other laboratory sections may also be included. During the academic year, this position will focus on academic lab softy support, during the summer, spring break, fall break, and winter break, this position will work with faculty leaders for wet lab maintenance, greenhouse maintenance, and possibly animal room support as needed.  


Bachelor's degree in the biological sciences with at latest 1 year of work experience relevant to the position. 

Strong working knows.dve of typical college biology lab lesson plans and the materials , supplies San equipment necessary to execute the,  good capacity to research, evaluate , order and ,a age delivery of lab materials, supplies and equipment. Ability to supervise and manage student workers. Knowledge of operation, use of. Are of equipment used in biological sciences learning lab; and appropriate safety precautions and procedures such as use of protective clothing, ventilation equipment, MSDS sheets and chemical inventory.  Basic understanding of and ability to develop knowledge of risk management needs related to the position. 

To apply, or for more information, please visit the website at:


Aimee Phillippi

Professor of Biology

Unity College