Postdoctoral Research Position - Biology Education

I have a NERC 2 year postdoc position  addressing how the ocean affects the climate system at Liverpool  University

The project is to understand a fundamental aspect of the climate system: why surface warming over the globe nearly linearly increases with how much carbon is emitted.  The work will involve applying a combination of theory, numerical model experiments and diagnosis of ocean and climate models. The work is designed to test the hypothesis that ocean controls this near- linear dependence of surface warming. In particular, the aim is to examine how the ocean takes up heart and carbon over the global ocean, identify the resulting effects on climate systems. The work will involve collaboration between Liverpool, Southhsmpton, GFDL, USA and the Hadley Centre, Exeter. 

Details of the post are at

Closing date of the post is 10 June. The successful candidate would be  Expected to start in the early autumn.

Best wishes,

Ric Williams

Prof Ric Williams, Chair in Ocean Sciences, School of Environmental  
Sciences, Liverpool University, LiverpoolL69 3GP, UK.