Biological Oceanography Prerequisites: 

A Bachelor's degree in the natural or life sciences (i.e., equivalent to UM undergraduate Biology degree), including a grade of C or better in the following courses: 
1. Two semesters of Calculus
2. Two semesters of Introductory Chemistry
3. Two semesters of Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry
4. Two semesters of Physics
5. Two semesters of Introductory Biology

Core Courses and Other Requirements (M.S. and Ph.D.): 

1. One 3 - 4 credit course in Physical Oceanography
2. One 3 - 4 credit course in Biological Oceanography
3. One 3 - 4 credit course in Chemical Oceanography
4. Two 3 - 4 credit courses in Oceanography or related fields (400 - 700 level) including: a recommended additional interdisciplinary course (although item 1 above can satisfy the MEES requirement for interdisciplinary depth it can not count as one of these courses also)
5. One 3 - 4 credit course in Statistics/Biostatistics (600 level for Ph.D. and 400 level for M.S.)
6. One course or seminar in Management, Scientific Philosphy or Ethics
7. One graduate level seminar (MEES 608 or equivalent) for each year in residence (on average) up to cap
8. Courses in Experimental Design and Analysis and Scientific Writing are recommended.