Uche Udeochu
Design of nano-composite membranes for fuel cell applications; characterization of biologically active species in solutions and on surfaces; development of new SERS active substrates for identification of biological molecules and trace elements



Gerardo R. Vasta
web site
Molecular aspects and evolution of the acute phase response in vertebrates and invertebrates; structure/function relationships in carbohydrate-binding proteins; role of lectins in development and internal defense; host/parasite interactions; disease prevention, control in fisheries

Victoria Volkis
web site
Synthesis of biocompatible organometallic catalysts for ring opening and olefin polymerizations; synthesis of biodegradable polymers for biomedical research with specialized functional group attached; incorporation of boron clusters into polymers



Yan Waguespack
web site
Lethal and sublethal responses of early life-stages of winter flounder to habitat contamination in their natal estuaries; sublethal physiological effects of heavy metal on ecologically key marine and aquatic organisms by using 31P NMR, AAS and ICP-AES; characterization of high molecular weight mucin-like glycoconjugates from fish models; heavy metal and polyaromatic hydrocarbon investigations on sediment along Maryland coastal bay, and heavy metal contaminants' effect on SAV plant along Maryland coastal bay; phyto remediation of TNT, DNT and other contaminants

Lisa Wainger
web site
Risk analysis and decision support tools for prioritizing natural resource management options; invasive species risk assessment; wetland restoration prioritization; ecological and economic indicators for communicating relative costs and benefits of natural resource change

Raymond R. Weil
web site
Soil ecology; plant-soil relationships; soil fertility; soil quality; environmental impacts of agricultural systems; nutrient and carbon cycling; cover crops in sustainable cropping systems; soil management. 

Claire Welty
web site
Transport processes in aquifers; mathematical modeling of groundwater flow and transport in porous and fractured media; application of stochastic methods to interpreting groundwater problems; design and analysis of field-scale hydraulic and tracer tests

Krista R. Wigginton
web site
Detection and inactivation of pathogenic organisms in water; methods for detecting pathogens and to better understand the breakdown of pathogens and their biomolecules in natural and engineered systems; detecting and understanding the behavior of strains that are difficult to detect via traditional culturing methods

Michael Wilberg
web site
Stock assessment; dynamics of exploited populations; harvest policy development and application; statistical model selection and averaging

Ryan Woodland
web site
Trophic and food web ecology, Stable isotope ecology

L. Curry Woods III
web site
Aquaculture; evaluation of fish gamete quality; cryopreservation of fish sperm; physiological responsiveness of fish to stress; selective breeding of striped bass. 



Meng Xia
web site
Numerical modeling of estuarine and coastal ocean, such as hydrodynamic modeling and plume dynamics; water quality modeling and bio-physical interaction; wave-current coupling and nearshore circulation 


Stephanie Yarwood
Microbial interactions and functioning in soils, with the overall goal of understanding environmental factors that affect microbial community composition and how microbial community structure in turn affects ecosystem function; examination of how subsurface microbial communities change during soil formation and how microbial communities vary due to anthropogenic disturbance.

Lance T. Yonkos
web site
Point and non-point source pollution effects on the health of aquatic biota particularly in Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries; endocrine disruption as a consequence of environmental exposure to complex contaminant mixtures. 


Xin Zhang
web site
Environmental science and policy, coupled human and natural systems, biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nitrogen, earth system modeling, atmospheric-biosphere interactions.

Yonathan Zohar
web site
Fish physiology, aquaculture and endocrinology; environmental and hormonal regulation of fish reproductive cycles, spawning induction technologies, drug delivery in aquaculture, molecular biotechnology