Dhan V. Kalvakolanu
web site
Regulation of gene transcription and signal transduction by cytokines; tumor cell growth control; apoptosis and the regulation of novel cell death-activating genes

Todd M. Kana
web site
Biological oceanography; algal and plant physiological ecology; regulation of photosynthesis and respiration; oxygen cycling in marine systems; application sof mass spectrometry

Patrick Kangas
web site
Ecological engineering; natural resource management; tropical ecosystems

Sujay Kaushal
web site
Biogeochemistry, fate and transport of pollutants, limnology, microbial ecology, organic geochemistry and environmental history

Michael S. Kearney (Currently not taking on students for Fall 2015)
web site
Quaternary geomorphology; processes and rates of marsh loss; barrier island dynamics; applications of remote sensing to the study of coastal processes

Zvi Kelman
web site
Biochemistry and molecular interaction; biochemical characterization of DNA replication; DNA replication in Archaea

W. Michael Kemp
web site
Coastal marine ecology; net community production; nutrient cycling; physical-biological coupling; benthic-pelagic interactions; ecosystem analysis; numerical models

Victor S. Kennedy (No Longer Advising New Students)
web site
Reproduction and larval behavior and ecology of bivalves; crab and fish foraging behavior; ecology and dynamics of littoral and sublittoral benthic communities; global climate change

K. Halimeda Kilbourne
web site
Paleoclimate and Paleooceanography; causes of past climate variability and its implications for future climates, geochemical records of biogenic carbonates, learning from the geologic record of environmental change. 



Laura Lapham
web site
Gas hydrates; methane cycling; sediment biogeochemistry; carbon and nitrogen cycling; sulfate reduction; methanogenesis

William O. Lamp
web site
Applied insect ecology; plant-insect interactions; ecotoxicology; aquatic macroinvertebrate ecology in streams and wetlands impacted by humans

Stephanie Lansing
web site
Anaerobic digestion; ecological waste treatment systems; treatment wetlands; nutrient cycling; energy analysis; ecological modeling

Andrew M. Lazur
web site
Food and baitfish culture; integration of aquaculture with agriculture for nutrient reduction; effluent and water quality management; marketing and economic evaluation of alternative aquaculture species; fish restoration

Jeff Leips
web site
Evolution of life history traits, specifically focused on understanding how the genetic architecture underlying these traits guides and constrains their evolutionary responses to natural selection

Paul T. Leisnham
web site
The ecology of native and invasive mosquitoes in water-filled containers, wetlands, and drainage systems; species that are affected both by human disruption (e.g., climate change, land use change, and globalization) and that present social, economic and health risks.

Ming Li
web site
Physical oceanography, estuarine/coastal circulations; upper-ocean dynamics; turbulant mixing processes, biological/physical interactions

Yantao Li
web site
Pathways for and regulation of lipid synthesis and accumulation in microalgae; strategies for manipulation microalgae for biofuel production and environmental remediation

Dong Liang
web site
Spatial statistics, spatiotemporal models, bayesian methods; remote sensing applications to environment and health

Karen R. Lips
web site
Conservation and ecology of amphibians and reptiles, with interest at multiple scales - including population, community and ecosystems - especially as they are affected by emerging infectious disease and global change

Slava Lyubchich
web site
Time series analysis, forecasting, applied statistics, non-parametric inference, bootstrap, environmental modeling, random networks


Sairah Malkin
web site
Biogeochemistry and microbial ecology, particularly in sediment environments; benthic ecology; coastal and large lakes ecology.  Current projects are investigating the ecology of sulfur oxidizing bacteria in coastal marine systems.

Eric B. May
web site
Effects of environmental contamination and habitat degradation on aquatic animal health; use of biochemical and metabolic indicators to determine the response of fish to injurious agents of conditions; establishment of clinical methods for non-lethal testing

Marla McIntosh
web site
Sustainable forestry; genetics of hyperaccumulation of Cd in Thlaspi caerulescens; pytomedicinals; genetic diversity

Donald Meritt
web site
Oyster aquaculture and restoration

Andrew J. Miller
web site
Surface-water hydrology and fluvial geomorphology; interaction between flow patterns and boundary conditions imposed by geometry; effects of human activities on watershed hydrology and river channels

Thomas Miller
web site
Recruitment and population dynamics of aquatic animals; fish early life history; feeding and bio-physical interactions; aquatic ecology; blue crabs

Carys Mitchelmore
web site
Investigating molecular, biochemical and cellular responses of aquatic organisms to inorganic and organic pollutants; determining species-specificity; biochemical pathways and toxic effects; applying and developing novel biomarkers to existing and emerging environmental problems

Madhumi Mitra
Paleontology, paleocology and paleoenvironmental studies of cretaceous-quaternary sediments of atlantic coastal plain; factors impacting the decline of submerged aquatic vegetation; phytoplankton dynamics

Raymond P. Morgan II (Currently not taking on students)
web site
Aquatic ecology, genetics of Appalachian stream fishes, conservation and restoration ecology, zymurgy

Laura Murray
web site
Ecology of marine and estuarine wetland communities; research experiences for environmental education.

Jennifer L. Murrow
web site
Applied spatial wildlife ecology, with emphasis on habitat modeling, habitat use and selection, and animal movements in suburban and urban ecosystems; conflict resolution and conservation planning in natural resources


Abhijit Nagchaudhuri
Integration of advanced technologies of mechatronics in the fields of precision agriculture, environmental, marine and geosciences; remote sensing and image analysis

Brian Needelman
web site
Applying the concepts and tools of pedology to solve environmental problem; pollutant fate and transport; improving management and phosphorus fate and transport; carbon sequestration in tidal marshes; spatial and geospatial analyses; soil mapping and applications of soil survey databases

Maile Neel
web site
Understanding patterns of biological diversity as well as the relationships between these patterns and the ecological and evolutionary processes that have created them; applying this understanding to developing effective conservation approaches and to predict effects of changing patterns and processes

David M. Nelson
web site
Ecosystem responses to natural and human-induced variations in climatic and environmental conditions; study of plants and microbes in geologic and modern settings utilizing isotopic, paleoecological, genomic and biogeochemical tools

Judd O. Nelson
web site
Insecticide toxicology; physiology; environmental toxicology

Genevieve Nesslage
web site
Fish and wildlife population dynamics; fisheries stock assessment; invasive species biology, quantitative ecology. 

Nicholas Nidzieko
web site
Effect of mixing and circulation on biogeochemical processes and fates in coastal ecosystems

Elizabeth North
web site
Biological-physical interactions: hydrodynamic and particle trajectory modeling, ichthyoplankton and zooplankton ecology, estuarine physical oceanography, fisheries recruitment variability

Anthony Nyame


Judith O'Neil
web site
Harmful Algal Bloom dynamics; plankton nutrient and trophodynamics; Cyanobacteria ecophysiology

Edward Orlando
web site
Integration of molecular, endocrinological, and morphological endpoints to investigate the environment - genome interaction and its effect on development and reproduction; how environmental factors affect the development of sex specific characteristics and brain - pituitary - gonadal axis regulation of reproduction in fishes

Mary Ann Ottinger
web site
Neuroendocrine regulation of endocrine and behavioral aspects of avian reproduction; effects of environmental factors, such as endocrine disrupting chemicals