Lee Blaney
web site
Fate and transport of emerging contaminants in natural and engineered systems; environmental detection of pharmaceuticals or treatment processes aimed at removing pharmaceuticals from drinking water/wastewater matrices

Allen C. Bush
web site
Chemical structure and 3-dimensional conformation of complex carbohydrates of glycoproteins and polysaccharides of the cell surface using biophysical methods

Erle C. Ellis (No longer accepting students)
web site
Landscape ecology; biogeochemistry, sustainable resource management

Upal Ghosh
web site
Experimental investigation, design, and modeling of physiochemical and biological processes that affect water quality; fundamental process mechanisms that control organic contaminant bioavailability in soils and sediments.

Jeff Leips
web site
Evolution of life history traits, specifically focused on understanding how the genetic architecture underlying these traits guides and constrains their evolutionary responses to natural selection

Andrew J. Miller
web site
Surface-water hydrology and fluvial geomorphology; interaction between flow patterns and boundary conditions imposed by geometry; effects of human activities on watershed hydrology and river channels 

Brian Reed
web site
Sorption of organics/inorganics, surface chemistry, seperation processes, water and wastewater treatment, soil and site remediation, pollution prevention/waster minimization, stormwater management

Christopher Swan
web site
Steam community and ecosystem ecology; riparian biodiversity and stream processes; urban riparian-steam ecology

Claire Welty
web site
Transport processes in aquifers; mathematical modeling of groundwater flow and transport in porous and fractured media; application of stochastic methods to interpreting groundwater problems; design and analysis of field-scale hydraulic and tracer tests