Hongsheng Bi
web site
Ocean-climate variability and ecosystem response; zooplankton community and population dynamics; application of satellite techniques in marine fisheries

Neil V. Blough
web site
methods for detecting and identifying free radicals in condensed phases; impact of (photo)oxidative reactions on the transformation and fate of organic & inorganic compounds in natural waters and biological systems

William Boicourt
web site
Physical oceanography of shallow waters, estuaries, river plumes; remote sensing and autonomous samplers; physical-biological interactions and food web dynamics

James Carton
web site
Physical oceanography; ocean circulation; dynamics of the tropical Atlantic as it responds to meteorological forcing on seasonal and longer timescales

Shenn-Yu Chao
web site
Physical oceanography; continental shelf processes; western boundary currents dynamics; lower atmosphere circulations; estuarine circulations; numerical modelling of mesoscale processes in the ocean

Victoria J. Coles
web site
Physical and biological response and feedbacks to climate variability and change; Observation and modeling of ocean circulation and ventilation, biogeochemical tracer, and ecosystem cycling

Lee Cooper
web site
Interdisciplinary aspects of biogeochemistry and ecology, including stable and radioisotope composition of organic materials and natural waters; aquatic plant physiology; high latitude oceanography and hydrology

William Dennison
web site
Coastal ecosystem ecology; ecophysiology of marine plants; bioindicators in nearshore environments; assessing ecosystem health

Keith N. Eshleman
web site
Watershed and wetlands hydrology; groundwater/surface water interactions; biogeochemical processes in upland and wetland ecosystems; hydrochemical modeling; ecosystem interactions with land use change

Thomas R. Fisher, Jr.
web site
Biogeochemistry and hydrology of watersheds, denitrification, nutrient inputs to estuaries, cycling and primary production of aquatic systems

Patricia M. Glibert
web site
Transformations and fate of nitrogen in marine and estuarine systems; ecology of phytoplanktons; effects of eutrophication; growth and physiology of harmful algal bloom species

Jacqueline Grebmeier
web site
Pelagic-benthic coupling on continental shelves, benthic ecology, inverebrate zoology, contaminant distributions, high latitude oceanography

Lora A. Harris
web site
Systems ecology; theoretical ecology; primary producers from phytoplankton to macrophytes; ecosystem modeling

Raleigh Hood
web site
Phytoplankton production and light response, modeling of primary production and pelagic ecosystems, phytoplankton physiology, bio-optical oceanography

Edward D. Houde
web site
Fisheries science and management; recruitment mechanisms; effects of environment on reproductive success of fishes; ecology of marine and estuarine fishes, especially early-life stages

Todd M. Kana
web site
Biological oceanography; algal and plant physiological ecology; regulation of photosynthesis and respiration; oxygen cycling in marine systems; application sof mass spectrometry

Michael S. Kearney
web site
Quaternary geomorphology; processes and rates of marsh loss; barrier island dynamics; applications of remote sensing to the study of coastal processes

W. Michael Kemp
web site
Coastal marine ecology; net community production; nutrient cycling; physical-biological coupling; benthic-pelagic interactions; ecosystem analysis; numerical models

Victor S. Kennedy (No longer advising new students)
web site
Reproduction and larval behavior and ecology of bivalves; crab and fish foraging behavior; ecology and dynamics of littoral and sublittoral benthic communities; global climate change

Ming Li
web site
Physical oceanography, estuarine/coastal circulations; upper-ocean dynamics; turbulant mixing processes, biological/physical interactions

Sairah Malkin
web site
Biogeochemistry and microbial ecology, particularly in sediment environments; benthic ecology; coastal and large lakes ecology.  Current projects are investigating the ecology of sulfur oxidizing bacteria in coastal marine systems.

Thomas Malone
web site
Dynamics of marine ecosystems; phytoplankton ecology; coastal eutrophication

Nicholas Nidzieko
web site
Effect of mixing and circulation on biogeochemical processes and fates in coastal ecosystems

Elizabeth North
web site
Biological-physical interactions: hydrodynamic and particle trajectory modeling, ichthyoplankton and zooplankton ecology, estuarine physical oceanography, fisheries recruitement variability

Judith O'Neil
web site
Harmful Algal Bloom dynamics; plankton nutrient and trophodynamics; Cyanobacteria ecophysiology

Cindy Palinkas
web site
Continental-margin sedimentation; formation and preservation of sedimentary strata in the geological record; deposition and accumulation of fluvial sediment in the coastal ocean

James J. Pierson
web site
Zooplankton ecology; how individual behaviors affect population dynamics; how zooplankton individuals and groups function within an ecosystem

Karen L. Prestegaard
web site
Sediment transport and depositional processes; mechanisms of streamflow generation and their variations with watershed scale, geology and land use; hydrology of coastal and riparian wetlands

Michael R. Roman
web site
Biological oceanography; zooplankton ecology

Lawrence P. Sanford
web site
Coastal and esturaine physical oceanography; fine sediment transport mechanics, geophysical boundary layers, turbulence, surface and internal waves

Alyson Santoro
web site
Microbial oceanography; marine archaea; nitrogen cycling; stable isotope geochemistry

Meng Xia
web site
Numerical modeling of estuarine and coastal ocean, such as hydrodynamic modeling and plume dynamics; water quality modeling and bio-physical interaction; wave-current coupling and nearshore circulation