Lee Blaney
web site
Fate and transport of emerging contaminants in natural and engineered systems; environmental detection of pharmaceuticals or treatment processes aimed at removing pharmaceuticals from drinking water/wastewater matrices

Neil V. Blough
web site
Methods for detecting and identifying free radicals in condensed phases; impact of (photo)oxidative reactions on the transformation and fate of organic & inorganic compounds in natural waters and biological systems

Nianhong Chen
web site
Organic geochemistry; carbon cycling in riverine, estuarine and coastal ecosystems using biomarker techniques; biomarker techniques to examine transport and fates of terrestrial organic matter in coastal, estuarine and continental shelf environments; release of nitrogen/phosphorus nutrients from agricultural land and urban development to aquatic ecosystem, dynamics of nutrient in stream and coastal bays of Eastern Shore

Marcos Cheney
Nanostructure technology for environmental, biomedical and clinical applications; surface chemistry; nuclear medicine; trace metals and radionuclides detection and removal; electrokinetic phenomena

Lou Codispoti
Arctic Ocean processes, nutrient and carbon budgets, descriptive physical oceanography, coastal upwelling and chemical oceanographic instrumentation

Lee Cooper
web site
Interdisciplinary aspects of biogeochemistry and ecology, including stable and radioisotope composition of organic materials and natural waters; aquatic plant physiology; high latitude oceanography and hydrology

Jeffrey C. Cornwell
web site
Sediment biogeochemistry; burial of sediment and associated chemical constituents; nutrient exchange in sediment; influence of tidal marshes on ecosystem N and P balances

Eric Davidson
web site
Biogeochemistry and nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems, including the effects of management, land use change, and climatic change on soil C and N stocks, trace gas emissions from soils, and leaching of plant nutrients to streams and groundwater. Current study areas include the Brazilian Amazon Basin and Cerrado region and the forests of New England.

Allen P. Davis
web site
Environmental chemistry; aquatic and interfacial environmental chemistry as related to water/ wastewater treatment processes and in natural aquatic/soil systems

Joseph Dodoo
Application of TG/MS/GC to the study of the spontaneous conbustion of low rank coals and lignites

Keith N. Eshleman
web site
Watershed and wetlands hydrology; groundwater/surface water interactions; biogeochemical processes in upland and wetland ecosystems; hydrochemical modeling; ecosystem interactions with land use change

Thomas R. Fisher, Jr.
web site
Biogeochemistry and hydrology of watersheds, denitrification, nutrient inputs to estuaries, cycling and primary production of aquatic systems

Upal Ghosh
web site
Experimental investigation, design, and modeling of physiochemical and biological processes that affect water quality; fundamental process mechanisms that control organic contaminant bioavailability in soils and sediments.

Michael Gonsior
web site
Molecular diversity of natural organic matter; disinfection by-products; effluent organic matter characterization; marine debris and its impact on the world's oceans; natural organic matter in extreme environments; biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine

Oliver J. Hao
web site
Wet air oxidation of hazardous wastes; cometabolism of hazardous organics; nutrient removal; biological processes control; biological nitrate; sulfate chromium and selenium reduction

Ali B. Ishaque
marine ecotoxicology - behavior, transport, distribution and fate of chemical stressors in marine environments

Sujay Kaushal
web site
Biogeochemistry, fate and transport of pollutants, limnology, microbial ecology, organic geochemistry and environmental history

K. Halimeda. Kilbourne
web site
Paleoclimate and Paleooceanography; causes of past climate variability and its implications for future climates, geochemical records of biogenic carbonates, learning from the geologic record of environmental change. 

Laura Lapham
web site
Gas hydrates; methane cycling; sediment biogeochemistry; carbon and nitrogen cycling; sulfate reduction; methanogenesis

Sairah Malkin
web site
Biogeochemistry and microbial ecology, particularly in sediment environments; benthic ecology; coastal and large lakes ecology.  Current projects are investigating the ecology of sulfur oxidizing bacteria in coastal marine systems.

David M. Nelson
web site
Ecosystem responses to natural and human-induced variations in climatic and environmental conditions; study of plants and microbes in geologic and modern settings utilizing isotopic, paleoecological, genomic and biogeochemical tools

Judd O. Nelson
web site
Insecticide toxicology; physiology; environmental toxicology

Brian Reed
web site
Sorption of organics/inorganics, surface chemistry, seperation processes, water and wastewater treatment, soil and site remediation, pollution prevention/waster minimization, stormwater management

Christopher Rowe
web site
Physiological ecology of aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates chronically exposed to sublethal concentrations of contaminants

Alyson Santoro
web site
Microbial oceanography; marine archaea; nitrogen cycling; stable isotope geochemistry

Johan Schijf
web site
Aqueous geochemistry of trace metals, especially the rare earth and alkaline earth elements; uptake of trace metals by aquatic plants; trace metal coordination by siderophores and other biogenic organic ligands; using tree cores as archives of environmental metal pollution; environmental impacts of fossil energy production; physical chemistry of seawater; geochemistry of marine anoxic basins; inductively coupled plasma mass and atomic emission spectrometry; electrochemistry and potentiometric titration; ion chromatography

Adel Shirmohammadi
web site
Bioenvironmental and water resources engineering; water quality/transport modeling; nonpoint source pollution assessment using an integrated watershed approach

Kevin R. Sowers
web site
Biology of methanogenesis; anaerobic bioremediation; regulatory pathways in methanogenic Archaea; bioprocess scale-up of microorganisms from extreme environments

Alba Torrents
web site
Chemical transformations and sorption of organic pollutants; environmental fate of toxic chemicals; applications of spectroscopic techniques to env. systems

Uche Udeochu
Design of nano-composite membranes for fuel cell applications; characterization of biologically active species in solutions and on surfaces; development of new SERS active substrates for identification of biological molecules and trace elements

Victoria Volkis
Synthesis of biocompatible organometallic catalysts for ring opening and olefin polymerizations; synthesis of biodegradable polymers for biomedical research with specialized functional group attached; incorporation of boron clusters into polymers

Yan Waguespack
web site
Lethal and sublethal responses of early life-stages of winter flounder to habitat contamination in their natal estuaries; sublethal physiological effects of heavy metal on ecologically key marine and aquatic organisms by using 31P NMR, AAS and ICP-AES; characterization of high molecular weight mucin-like glycoconjugates from fish models; heavy metal and polyaromatic hydrocarbon investigations on sediment along Maryland coastal bay, and heavy metal contaminants' effect on SAV plant along Maryland coastal bay; phyto remediation of TNT, DNT and other contaminants

Krista R. Wigginton
web site
Detection and inactivation of pathogenic organisms in water; methods for detecting pathogens and to better understand the breakdown of pathogens and their biomolecules in natural and engineered systems; detecting and understanding the behavior of strains that are difficult to detect via traditional culturing methods

Lance T. Yonkos
web site
Point and non-point source pollution effects on the health of aquatic biota particularly in Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries; endocrine disruption as a consequence of environmental exposure to complex contaminant mixtures. 

Xin Zhang
web site
Environmental science and policy, coupled human and natural systems, biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nitrogen, earth system modeling, atmospheric-biosphere interactions.