Cindy Palinkas
web site
Continental-margin sedimentation; formation and preservation of sedimentary strata in the geological record; deposition and accumulation of fluvial sediment in the coastal ocean

Margaret Palmer
web site
Stream community and ecosystems ecology; restoration ecology; stream ecosystem structure and function; influence of land use, hydrology and geomorphology on health of running-water ecosystems

Michael Paolisso
web site
Environmental and economic anthropology; environment and pollution; international and rural development; research methods and gender 

Salina Parveen
Genotypic and phenotypic methods for detecting sources of fecal pollution in aquatic environments; rapid molecular and immunological methods for detection of water and food borne pathogens; improvement of safety and quality characteristics of seafood, poultry, produce

Kennedy Paynter
web site
Comparative biochemistry and physiology of estuarine animals, especially bivalves; oyster disease biochemistry; biology and ecology of the eastern oyster

James J. Pierson
web site
Zooplankton ecology; how individual behaviors affect population dynamics; how zooplankton individuals and groups function within an ecosystem

Silvia A. Pineiro
web site
Genomics; functional genomics; taxonomy and ecology of the Bdellovidrio and like organisms

Joseph Pitula
web site
Molecular biology and metabolomics of marine protistan parasites; ecology of disease transmission

Allen Place
web site
Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms that permit organisms to adapt to unique diets, environments, and interactions (symbiosis); molecular basis of sex determination

Louis V. Plough
web site
Population genetics of marine animals, quantitative genetics and experimental breeding of shellfish; oyster biology and aquaculture; ecological genomics of stress adaptation in marine animals; larval biology of marine invertebrates

Karen L. Prestegaard
web site
Sediment transport and depositional processes; mechanisms of streamflow generation and their variations with watershed scale, geology and land use; hydrology of coastal and riparian wetlands


No Faculty Listed


Martin Rabenhorst
web site
Genesis, morphology and classification of hydromorphic soils, particularly non-tidal wetlands and coastal marshes; pedogenesis and resource inventory of subaqueous soils

Marjorie Reaka
web site
Marine ecology; coral reef ecology; bioerosion of coral reefs; ecology and behavior of mantis shrimp; evolutionary ecology of life history patterns in crustacea

Brian Reed
web site
Sorption of organics/inorganics, surface chemistry, seperation processes, water and wastewater treatment, soil and site remediation, pollution prevention/waster minimization, stormwater management

Frank T. Robb
web site
Archaeal molecular biology and biochemistry; genome sequence, structure and repair in hyperthermophiles; mechanisms of thermal stabilization of proteins

Michael R. Roman
web site
Biological oceanography; zooplankton ecology

Christopher Rowe
web site
Physiological ecology of aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates chronically exposed to sublethal concentrations of contaminants



Lawrence P. Sanford
web site
Coastal and esturaine physical oceanography; fine sediment transport mechanics, geophysical boundary layers, turbulence, surface and internal waves

Amir Sapkota
web site
Exposure assessment and environmental epidemiology; understanding human exposures to chemical agents in the environment and how this exposure may vary across space and time, as well as between different population groups using personal air monitoring as well as urinary and serum based biomarkers of exposure; identification of specific subpopulations that are at increased risk of developing diseases 

Amy R. Sapkota
web site
Microbial environmental exposure assessment, with a focus on evaluating the complex relationships between the environment, food and water production systems, and human infectious diseases

Johan Schijf
web site
Aqueous geochemistry of trace metals, especially the rare earth and alkaline earth elements; uptake of trace metals by aquatic plants; trace metal coordination by siderophores and other biogenic organic ligands; using tree cores as archives of environmental metal pollution; environmental impacts of fossil energy production; physical chemistry of seawater; geochemistry of marine anoxic basins; inductively coupled plasma mass and atomic emission spectrometry; electrochemistry and potentiometric titration; ion chromatography

Eric Schott
web site
Molecular detection of pathogens of marine and estuarine animals, and working with fishermen and resource managers to make molecular tools widely useful; molecular characterization of blue crab pathogens, viruses in the blue crab; detection and investigation of protozoan pathogens of blue crab; discovery and genomic characterization of RNA viruses of the blue crab; development of tools for identifying and monitoring blue crab pathogens in aquaculture and in the environment

Harold Schreier
web site
Microbial molecular genetics and physiology; nitrogen metabolism in Bacillus subtilis; control of glutamine synthease operon expression; regulation of gene expression

David Secor
web site
Fish ecology; fish life history and migration studies; fisheries stock enhancement; migration and habitat use as behaviors controlling and regulating population dynamics

Adel Shirmohammadi
web site
Bioenvironmental and water resources engineering; water quality/transport modeling; nonpoint source pollution assessment using an integrated watershed approach

Greg Silsbe
web site
Biological oceanography with an emphasis on the role of phytoplankton in the global carbon cycle. Satellite remote sensing; phytoplankton physiology; African Great Lake limnology.

Jeurel Singleton
Identification and characterization of arthropod sensory structures; arthropod community population dynamics on host animals, aquatic and crop environments; arthropod disease vectors

Kevin R. Sowers
web site
Biology of methanogenesis; anaerobic bioremediation; regulatory pathways in methanogenic Archaea; bioprocess scale-up of microorganisms from extreme environments

Bradley G. Stevens
web site
Fisheries ecology; reproduction and early life history of crustaceans and mollusks; crustacean growth, molting, and feeding; use of in-situ technology (video, ROVs, submersibles) for studying abundance and behavior of marine species; bycatch, discard mortality, and impacts of derelict fishing gear

J. Court Stevenson
web site
Coastal zone resources and water quality management; ecology of marsh and sea grass systems; effects of sea-level rise on wetlands and coastal shorelines; environmental history of Chesapeake Bay and its watershed

Cathlyn D. Stylinski
web site
Environmental science education and scientific inquiry in precollege classrooms; remote sensing and plant ecophysiology

Joseph Sullivan
web site
The responses of plants to various forms of environmental stress - both natural and anthropogenic; physiological mechanisms that enable plants to exist in a wide range of environmental conditions; how human activities impact plant, agricultural or ecosystem productivity

Christopher Swan
web site
Steam community and ecosystem ecology; riparian biodiversity and stream processes; urban riparian-steam ecology



Mario Tamburri
web site
Coastal sensor and sensor platform development; chemical ecology of marine organisms; ecosystem monitoring and marine conservation

Daniel E. Terlizzi
web site
Plant aquaculture; phycology (Sea Grant Extension Service, NOAA)

Jeremy M. Testa
web site
Coastal marine ecology, including eutrophication, nutrient cycling, and dissolved oxygen dynamics; interactions between biological, chemical, and physical processes in coastal ecosystems using a combination of experimental efforts, historical data analysis, and coupled biogeochemical-hydrodynmaic modeling studies to examine these aspects of estuarine and coastal aquatic science. 

David Rogers Tilley
web site
Ecological engineering; wetland assessment with hyperspectral radiometry; ecosystem filtration of air pollutants; net energy analysis of bio-fuels; environmental accounting and emergy analysis

Robert Tjaden Jr.
web site
Environmental and natural resource management and policy; forest fertilization; nutrient trading; ecosystem services; social attitudes towards environmental and natural resource management

Alba Torrents
web site
Chemical transformations and sorption of organic pollutants; environmental fate of toxic chemicals; applications of spectroscopic techniques to environmental systems