The Global Environmental Remote Sensing class went on a field trip on 28th September, 2019 to learn how to make remote sensing related field measurements.

Student Spotlight: 

Congratulations to MEES MS student, Elizabeth de la Reguera for winning the Northeast SARE Graduate Grant ($15k) for her research on Farming in the face of climate change: planting alternative crops in salt-intruded fields. Awesome job!

Tiny plastics, big environmental risk: UMD


Read all about MEES student Alterra Sanchez’s work here!

The 2018 Poster winner is Anna Kottkamp.  Congratulations!  


Anna Kottkamp is a second year Master's student in the MEES program, co-advised by Dr. Margaret Palmer and Dr. Katherine Tully. Anna is a Graduate Research Assistant with the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC). Her research project focuses on the mechanisms of soil carbon sequestration in seasonal wetlands. In other words: why does carbon stick around in wetlands that aren't always wet? She is broadly interested in the biogeochemistry of terrestrial-aquatic interfaces, the impacts of altered ecosystem function on communities, and science education.

Faculty Spotlight: 

Read all about UMBC’s Dr. Colleen Burge’s studies in oyster aquaculture.

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