MEES News, August 2013

Congratulations to August 2013 MEES Graduates:

Ph.D. - Jason Robinson, Jeremy Testa, Aaron Watson

M.S. - Emily Christenson, Meghann Niesen, Michael O’Brien, Rebecca Swerida, Kara Zabetakis

Student News:

Hillary Lane, a MEES doctoral student working with Dr. Thomas Miller and Dr. Kennedy Paynter, has been appointed as the UMCES Representative on the Student Advisory Council to the Maryland Higher Education Committee.

Jessica L. Blois, Phoebe L. Zarnetske, Matthew C. Fitzpatrick, Seth Finnegan.Climate Change and the Past, Present, and Future of Biotic Interactions. Science 341(6145): 499-504. DOI: 10.1126/science.1237184

Grant, M. N., Meritt, D. W., & Kimmel, D. G. (2013). Chemical induction of settlement behavior in larvae of the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin). Aquaculture, 402, 84–91.

Johnson, M. D., Stoecker, D. K., & Marshall, H. G. (2013). Seasonal dynamics of Mesodinium rubrum in Chesapeake Bay. J. Plankton Res., 35(4), 877–893.

Kazyak, D. C., Hilderbrand, R. H., & Holloway, A. E. (2013). Rapid Visual Assessment to Determine Sex in Brook Trout. North Am. J. Fish Manage. 33(3), 665–668.

Lee, Y. J., Boynton, W. R., Li, M., & Li, Y. (2013). Role of Late Winter-Spring Wind Influencing Summer Hypoxia in Chesapeake Bay. Estuaries Coasts, 36(4), 683–696.

Niklitchek, E.J., D.H. Secor, P. Toledo, X. Valenzuela, A. Zuleta, L. Cubillos. In Press Nursery systems for Western Patagonian ground fish stocks: large inner sea or narrow continental shelf? ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Salice CJ, Rowe CL, Eisenreich KM.  2013. Integrative demographic modeling reveals population level impacts of PCB toxicity to juvenile snapping turtles.  Environmental Pollution, In Press.

Vicente, J., Stewart, A., Song, B., Hill, R. T., & Wright, J. L. (2013). Biodiversity of Actinomycetes Associated with Caribbean Sponges and Their Potential for Natural Product Discovery. Mar. Biotechnol., 15(4), 413–424.

Wilberg, M. J., J. Wiedenmann, and J. M. Robinson. 2013. Sustainable exploitation and management of autogenic ecosystem engineers: application to oysters in Chesapeake Bay. Ecological Applications 23:766-776.

Alumni News:

The NOAA Administrator’s Award is NOAA's highest honorary award and recognizes employees who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, skill, and ingenuity in their significant, unique, and original contributions that bring unusual credit to NOAA, the Department of Commerce, and the Federal Government.  The 2013 award for the National Ocean Service (NOS) is being presented to the team of Dr. Michael J. Dowgiallo for leading foundational research and consensus-building which established the new scientific field of deep light-dependent coral ecosystems.  Michael received his MEES doctoral degree under Dr. Marjorie Reaka in 2004 and is currently the Chief of NOAA NOS’s Regional Ecosystems Research Branch.

Dr. Nikisa Jordan George (MEES Ph.D. 2009 under Dr. Raymond Hoff) is the 2013 National Women of Color STEM Conference Technology Rising Star award winner.  Nikisa is employed by Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems (NGES), Space Division, in Asuza, California as a Systems Engineer. She is responsible for Modeling and Analysis, specifically phenomenology and algorithm development, for ATMS and SSMIS, to determine the retrieval of brightness temperatures along with temperature and humidity sounding.

Dr. Robin Van Meter, MEES 2011 Ph.D. under Dr. Christopher Swan) has started a new position as an Assistant Professor at Washington College (Maryland) in Environmental Science and Biology. Previously Robin was an ORISE Post-doctoral Associate with the U.S. EPA’s Ecosystems Research Division in Athens, GA.

Faculty News:

At the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America in August, Dr. David Inouye (Department of Biology, UMCP) began a three-year term on the ESA's Board of Governors.  He will serve this year as President-elect, will be President during the Society's 100th anniversary year, and then Past-President for year.  The ESA's 100th anniversary annual meeting will be held in Baltimore, in August 2015.