Nianhong Chen
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Organic geochemistry; carbon cycling in riverine, estuarine and coastal ecosystems using biomarker techniques; biomarker techniques to examine transport and fates of terrestrial organic matter in coastal, estuarine and continental shelf environments; release of nitrogen/phosphorus nutrients from agricultural land and urban development to aquatic ecosystem, dynamics of nutrient in stream and coastal bays of Eastern Shore

Marcos Cheney
Nanostructure technology for environmental, biomedical and clinical applications; surface chemistry; nuclear medicine; trace metals and radionuclides detection and removal; electrokinetic phenomena

Paulinus Chigbu
web site
Fisheries ecology; influence of variations in climatic factors on water quality and biota; culture of rotifers and copepods for use in rearing marine fish larvae; trophic dynamics in marine and freshwater environments; zooplankton ecology

Robert Dadson
International programs in soybean breeding; insect resistance of soybeans; agronomy and breeding of food enzymes; biological nitrogen fixation

Joseph Dodoo
Application of TG/MS/GC to the study of the spontaneous conbustion of low rank coals and lignites

Dia-Eldin Elnaiem
web site
Biology of Leishmania  parasites in their sand fly vectors; biology, ecology and population genetics of sand fly vectors of leishmaniasis in East Africa; epidemiology and control of visceral and cutaneous Leishmaniasis; epidemiology and control of malaria; ecology and control of mosquito vectors of disease in Maryland coastal bays. 

Thomas Handwerker
Innovative agricultural technology of small-scale alternative crops, specialty crops; hydroponic greenhouse production; poultry waste composting 

Jeannine Harter-Dennis
Nutritional requirements of roaster chickens; reduction of carcass fat in broilers and roasters; bone abnormalities of chickens

Ali B. Ishaque
marine ecotoxicology - behavior, transport, distribution and fate of chemical stressors in marine environments

Andrea Karen Johnson
web site
Assessing the health of Atlantic menhaden using several biomarkers of fish health: indicators of tissue damage, nutritional status and exposure to environmental stresors, immune function and disease

Eric B. May
web site
Effects of environmental contamination and habitat degradation on aquatic animal health; use of biochemical and metabolic indicators to determine the response of fish to injurious agents of conditions; establishment of clinical methods for non-lethal testing

Madhumi Mitra
Paleontology, paleocology and paleoenvironmental studies of cretaceous-quaternary sediments of atlantic coastal plain; factors impacting the decline of submerged aquatic vegetation; phytoplankton dynamics

Thoedore A. Mollett
Role of hormones in animal growth, reproduction and lactation

Abhijit Nagchaudhuri
Integration of advanced technologies of mechatronics in the fields of precision agriculture, environmental, marine and geosciences; remote sensing and image analysis

Salina Parveen
Genotypic and phenotypic methods for detecting sources of fecal pollution in aquatic environments; rapid molecular and immunological methods for detection of water and food borne pathogens; improvement of safety and quality characteristics of seafood, poultry, produce

Joseph Pitula
web site
Molecular biology and metabolomics of marine protistan parasites; ecology of disease transmission

Jeurel Singleton
Identification and characterization of arthropod sensory structures; arthropod community population dynamics on host animals, aquatic and crop environments; arthropod disease vectors

Bradley G. Stevens
web site
Fisheries ecology; reproduction and early life history of crustaceans and mollusks; crustacean growth, molting, and feeding; use of in-situ technology (video, ROVs, submersibles) for studying abundance and behavior of marine species; bycatch, discard mortality, and impacts of derelict fishing gear

Uche Udeochu
Design of nano-composite membranes for fuel cell applications; characterization of biologically active species in solutions and on surfaces; development of new SERS active substrates for identification of biological molecules and trace elements

Victoria Volkis
web site
Synthesis of biocompatible organometallic catalysts for ring opening and olefin polymerizations; synthesis of biodegradable polymers for biomedical research with specialized functional group attached; incorporation of boron clusters into polymers

Yan Waguespack
web site
Lethal and sublethal responses of early life-stages of winter flounder to habitat contamination in their natal estuaries; sublethal physiological effects of heavy metal on ecologically key marine and aquatic organisms by using 31P NMR, AAS and ICP-AES; characterization of high molecular weight mucin-like glycoconjugates from fish models; heavy metal and polyaromatic hydrocarbon investigations on sediment along Maryland coastal bay, and heavy metal contaminants' effect on SAV plant along Maryland coastal bay; phyto remediation of TNT, DNT and other contaminants

Meng Xia
web site
Numerical modeling of estuarine and coastal ocean, such as hydrodynamic modeling and plume dynamics; water quality modeling and bio-physical interaction; wave-current coupling and nearshore circulation