Robert Belas, Jr.
web site
Cell-cell communication and sensory transduction

Allen C. Bush
web site
Chemical structure and 3-dimensional conformation of complex carbohydrates of glycoproteins and polysaccharides of the cell surface using biophysical methods

Feng Chen 
web site
Ecological interaction among marine viruses, bacteria and phytoplankton; phylogenetic diversity and molecular evolution of marine microbes; whole cell or in situ molecular detection; functional genes and microbial genome

J. Sook Chung
web site
Response of crustaceans to the neurotransmitter, neurohormones and pheromones that regulate critical events in the life cycle

Robert Dadson
International programs in soybean breeding; insect resistance of soybeans; agronomy and breeding of food enzymes; biological nitrogen fixation

Shiladitya DasSarma
web site
Halophilic archaeal genomics; structure, function and evolution of genomes; global gene regulation and promoter function; biotechnological applications in medicine and industry

Shao-Jun (Jim) Du
web site
Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling differentiation of muscle and nerve cells during embryogenesis 

Dia-Eldin Elnaiem
web site
Biology of Leishmania  parasites in their sand fly vectors; biology, ecology and population genetics of sand fly vectors of leishmaniasis in East Africa; epidemiology and control of visceral and cutaneous Leishmaniasis; epidemiology and control of malaria; ecology and control of mosquito vectors of disease in Maryland coastal bays. 

Shengyun Fang
web site
Functions of the ubiquitin system, with special emphasis on the endoplasmic reticulum-associated protein degradation (ERAD)

Da-Wei Gong
web site
Molecular and cell biology of energy metabolism; use of genomic techniques and bioinformatics to identify novel genes responsible for energy and glucose metabolism and insulin signaling

Russell T. Hill
web site
Marine actinomycete molecular biology and ecology; microbiology of marine natural products; bacterial and cyanobacterial symbionts of marine sponges; marine bacteriophages; metal resistance in actinomycetes and application of bioremediation

Laura Hungerford    
web site 
Infectious diseases epidemiology and the application of techniques for GIS; spatial statistical analysis and dynamic modeling in the study of zoonoses and other diseases.  

Anwar Huq
web site
Transmission of aquatic bacterial pathogens, their molecular ecology and direct detection, using remote sensing and aerospace technology; development and optimization of rapid detection of aquatic pathogens, using molecular and immunological methods, and application of these methods in the field

Rosemary Jagus
web site
Translational control of gene expression; regulation of gene activity during early development; host defense against virus infection and viral countermeasures; role of protein synthesis in lactation

Dhan V. Kalvakolanu
web site
Regulation of gene transcription and signal transduction by cytokines; tumor cell growth control; apoptosis and the regulation of novel cell death-activating genes

Stephen Keller
web site
Molecular ecology and genomics; biological invasions; species range expansions; rapid evolution; genetic basis of adaptation; evolutionary responses to climate change; metapopulations; population structure and gene flow

Zvi Kelman
Biochemistry and molecular interaction; biochemical characterization of DNA replication; DNA replication in Archaea

Laura Lewis
web site
Biogeography of crop species; domestication and radiation of agricultural species; agro-ecology, germplasm management, genetic resources conservation; applied urban ethnobotany/ethnobiology, specifically in the Washington DC/Baltimore area

Carys Mitchelmore
web site
Investigating molecular, biochemical and cellular responses of aquatic organisms to inorganic and organic pollutants; determining species-specificity; biochemical pathways and toxic effects; applying and developing novel biomarkers to existing and emerging environmental problems

Thoedore A. Mollett
Role of hormones in animal growth, reproduction and lactation

David M. Nelson 
web site
Ecosystem responses to natural and human-induced variations in climatic and environmental conditions; study of plants and microbes in geologic and modern settings utilizing isotopic, paleoecological, genomic and biogeochemical tools

Edward Orlando
web site
Integration of molecular, endocrinological, and morphological endpoints to investigate the environment - genome interaction and its effect on development and reproduction; how environmental factors affect the development of sex specific characteristics and brain - pituitary - gonadal axis regulation of reproduction in fishes

Mary Ann Ottinger
web site
Neuroendocrine regulation of endocrine and behavioral aspects of avian reproduction; effects of environmental factors, such as endocrine disrupting chemicals

Zeev Pancer
web site
Comparative immunology; origin of vertebrate adaptive immunity; rearranging antigen receptors of jawless vertebrates; molecular mechanisms of invertebrate and vertebrate immunity

Salina Parveen
Application of genotypic and phenotypic methods for detecting sources of fecal pollution in aquatic environments; development of rapid molecular and immunological methods for detection of water and food borne pathogens

Silvia A. Pineiro
web site
Genomics; functional genomics; taxonomy and ecology of the Bdellovidrio and like organisms

Joseph Pitula
web site
Molecular biology and metabolomics of marine protistan parasites; ecology of disease transmission

Allen Place
web site
Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms that permit organisms to adapt to unique diets, environments, and interactions (symbiosis); molecular basis of sex determination

Louis V. Plough
web site
Population genetics of marine animals, quantitative genetics and experimental breeding of shellfish; oyster biology and aquaculture; ecological genomics of stress adaptation in marine animals; larval biology of marine invertebrates

Frank T. Robb
web site
Archaeal molecular biology and biochemistry; genome sequence, structure and repair in hyperthermophiles; mechanisms of thermal stabilization of proteins

Alyson Santoro
web site
Microbial oceanography; marine archaea; nitrogen cycling; stable isotope geochemistry

Eric Schott
web site
Molecular detection of pathogens of marine and estuarine animals, and working with fishermen and resource managers to make molecular tools widely useful; molecular characterization of blue crab pathogens, viruses in the blue crab; detection and investigation of protozoan pathogens of blue crab; discovery and genomic characterization of RNA viruses of the blue crab; development of tools for identifying and monitoring blue crab pathogens in aquaculture and in the environment

Kevin R. Sowers
web site
Biology of methanogenesis; anaerobic bioremediation; regulatory pathways in methanogenic Archaea; bioprocess scale-up of microorganisms from extreme environments

Gerardo R. Vasta
web site
Molecular aspects and evolution of the acute phase response in vertebrates and invertebrates; structure/function relationships in carbohydrate-binding proteins; role of lectins in development and internal defense; host/parasite interactions; disease prevention, control in fisheries

Krista R. Wigginton
web site
Detection and inactivation of pathogenic organisms in water; methods for detecting pathogens and to better understand the breakdown of pathogens and their biomolecules in natural and engineered systems; detecting and understanding the behavior of strains that are difficult to detect via traditional culturing methods

Stephanie Yarwood
Microbial interactions and functioning in soils, with the overall goal of understanding environmental factors that affect microbial community composition and how microbial community structure in turn affects ecosystem function; examination of how subsurface microbial communities change during soil formation and how microbial communities vary due to anthropogenic disturbance.

Yonathan Zohar
web site
Fish physiology, aquaculture and endocrinology; environmental and hormonal regulation of fish reproductive cycles, spawning induction technologies, drug delivery in aquaculture, molecular biotechnology